Born as silk weavers in Como, we've been for about 40 years in this field,

And we decided to exploit our knowledge of the raw material,

silk, to enhance made in Italy.

The idea was born between us during the first 2020 lockdown,

when we realized that pajamas were the main item of our days.

An everyday garment, a fashion

icon, but which refelcts the changing times.

So we decided to create a 2.0 versione which was,

not only comfortable, but also fashionable, thanks to the quality of our

fabric and the particularity of the print.

That's hte origin of Sleep No More - made in Italy our new brand

which aims to redefine the concept of  "pajama

to combine comfort and elegance, enhancing our products with a

production in 100% silk satin and a hand finishing.

Comfortable, practical, elegant and without matching problems

our garments Sleep No More - made in Italy are suitable

both for a dinner at home with friends,

and for a social event. It's a completely new lifestyle!